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Viatical Settlements
Learn more about this powerful financial tool

Viatical Settlements
Learn more about this powerful financial tool

What Are Viatical Settlements?

A Viatical Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a licensed Viatical Settlement Provider for more than the policy’s cash surrender value, but less than the death benefit amount. The sale of the policy provides the owner with a lump sum cash payment today instead of collecting the policy’s death benefit in the future. Typically, the policy’s insured has been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer or another serious illness. The amount of a Viatical Settlement offer is based primarily on the insured’s life expectancy and the cost of future policy premiums. With a Viatical Settlement, you can receive up to 80% of the policy’s face value with no future premium expenses. A Viatical Settlement is typically the best option for clients seeking the highest immediate up-front cash payment for their policy.

Do You Qualify?

If you have at least $50,000 in eligible life insurance coverage and have been diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer or another serious illness, you may qualify for a Viatical Settlement.  Most life insurance policy types are eligible, including term life, group life, whole life, universal life, flexible adjustable premium life, indexed life, as well as policies issued by FEGLI, VGLI and SGLI.

How To Apply

After our initial consultation we will provide you with a short application form. Once your return the completed application, we will obtain the necessary records from your medical providers and your life insurance company. After reviewing the records, we will complete our underwriting process and start the competitive bidding process with our network of licensed buyers. There are no credit checks or medical exams required. Your eligibility is determined solely on whether your medical profile and policy qualify. A Viatical Settlement can typically be funded within 4-6 weeks of a completed application.

Benefits of Viatical Settlements 

Viatical Settlements have become a popular way for people fighting cancer and other serious illness to obtain immediate funds to pay for medical bills, alternative treatment, housing costs, family gifts and other expenses. Since there are no restrictions on how the funds can be used, Viatical Settlements can be a smart financial option for people searching for financial peace of mind. And since there is no federal taxation of the proceeds when the policy sale qualifies under Section 101(g) of the Internal Revenue Code, you can enjoy all your proceeds. It’s your money. Why not use it now?

Use The Funds However You Please

Pay for medical bills, co-pays, healthcare costs, drugs and experimental treatments
Supplement income due to an inability to work
Pay for mortgage payments and other living expenses
Consolidate debts and pay off high interest bills
Take a dream vacation or check off “bucket list” items
Give gifts to family, friends or charity

Program Features

Highest immediate cash payment
Receive up to 80% of policy’s face value
No up-front fees or out of pocket costs
No medical exams or credit checks
No restrictions on the use of funds
No further premium payments required
Discreet and confidential process

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